Pil-Creation Kitchens in Bruz - Who are we ?

                Pil Création, is a company established in 2007 Specialized in Italians kitchens for individuals, ,

                your project is shaped, imagined, drawn, made and
     installed according to your wishes and
     our experience
      It is also a design office located in Bruz (35170) graphic design of interior spaces, and decoration projects, by drawing

                In research of new ideas, we are constantly looking at the latest innovations, with a focus on ecological materials, while not losing sight of always offering you unique and accessible installations    

                First specialized in 3D drawing projects with DPLG architects and construction brokers, Philippe Varennes very quickly began to go beyond drawing, and      propose the complete realization of the projects of his clientele
     Beyond of your cooking project and with a solid expe rience, Philippe Varennes will, if necessary, put you in touch with different reliable craftsmen so that your project is completed

All technical plans, electrical, hydric are made by us.

Pil Création assists you in the construction of your living space.


- Pil Création -
Mr Varennes Philippe
31, Avenue du Général de Gaulle - 35170 BRUZ -

06 16 42 88 47